Electrical Connectors

As the UK Menbers distributor we can offer a comprehensive range of Menbers plugs, Menbers sockets and coils and Menbers switches for both OEM's and aftermarket companies.

We can supply plugs and sockets in different guises from EBS, ABS, 15pin, 7 pin, 13 pin, through to 2 x 7 to 15 pin sockets.

Menbers coils are supplied with cable to ISO 4141, and a Hytrel outer sheath which provides excellent elasticity, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, offering an improved longer life. The coils with a 40mm coil diameter and genuine 3.5m and 4.5m maximum working length.

All the plugs are fitted with an internal seal to the coil, to aid resistance to water ingress, and have plated steel spring-guards, the wire ends have brass ferrules to ensure excellent current carrying capacity. The internal wires are 6 x 1mm and 1 x 2.5mm and are colour coded as per the ISO standards.

Along side the OE quality Menbers coils we can offer the CAPUS COIL, which is of the highest quality, but also very competitively priced.

We have a new range of high quality, competitively priced aircoils. Ask for CAPFLEX