Kingpin Maintenance

When fitted to the trailer, the kingpin must be within the dimensions shown. The maximum wear on the diameters should not be more than 1.8/2mm. Therefore the minimum diameters allowable should be 50.8 pin = 49mm and 73mm upper shoulder - 71mm.

All nuts bolts on new trailers should be checked after the first week and first month to ensure the correct torque settings. The kingpin must be kept free from contamination and thoroughly greased at all times with clean high pressure grease, with a graphite or molybdenum additive.

 EVERY SIX MONTHS / 40,000km

  • Clean off the kingpin and inspect for wear, scoring, cracks, or fractures etc. and if OK re-grease thoroughly.
  • If excessive wear, or faults are found the kingpin must be replaced before the next journey.
  • Check torque setting of retaining nuts/bolts.
  • It is recommended that the kingpin retaining nuts/bolts are replaced each time a kingpin is removed.
  • To ensure these bolts/nuts do not foul the 5th wheel, it is important the correct type are fitted.

Torque settings and Spare parts can be found in the Kingpin Brochure

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